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    Default Expert advice when purchasing your next property.

    The Commercial property market is complex and filled with rabbit holes you don’t want to fall into. Yes, it can be a solid investment which can act as a foundation for your portfolio. Yes, it can be highly profitable. But, if you buy in an area where there is oversupply or a high vacancy rate, you could be headed for a downturn in fortunes.

    To avoid such pitfalls the property buyer’s agents at Buying Smart will offer you their professional knowledge when it comes to research and due diligence to find you a top performing commercial property. A property that will also best suit your financial capacity and investment criteria.

    Our Sydney buyer’s agents will provide you with extensive market research on sales and market trends that will save you a lot of time and energy and allow you to focus on your core business. It’s common that through our networks we come across deals that aren’t advertised to the public, and this will provide you with further opportunities to find the ideal commercial property for your needs.

    Once we have found you a commercial space our work continues. From property inspections and strata reports, to dealing and negotiating with inspectors, solicitors and valuers, your Buying Smart Buyer’s Agents won’t rest until the job is done and you’re reaping the rewards.

    Our property buyer’s agents specialise in the following property types:

    • Strata offices
    • Retail spaces
    • Industrial/ Warehouse
    • Hotels
    • Medical facilities

    For an intelligent and informed decision when it comes to purchasing commercial property, you should only be thinking about Buying Smart.

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    hey nice video. very creative


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