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    Default Tenants partner wants to move in.

    I've got two tenants in a rental property who are both named on the rental agreement.
    I've had no issue with them and the drive bys indicate the lawns are being mowed and no issues with rent, seem like good people.
    Now one of them is asking if his partner can move in and that the partner is happy to be on the lease.
    I'm after some advice, the place should be fine with 3 adults, although they may have to manage the hotwater, but what should I be looking out for?
    Should I agree but not alter the lease, so that it is the two original tenant that are responsible (it's a fixed term lease). Should I make it subject to reference checks?
    Thoughts, opinions?
    I'm leaning towards saying yes but the two original tenants are responsible for his partner and then if they split or something there is no issue for who moves out. ie original two are responsible for the fixed term.

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    Exclamation talk about micromanaging your tenants!

    How many people are allowed on the lease? if youre happy with 3 adults being in the property then let them go for it, the partner doesnt need to go on the lease, just keep it all as it was.

    If they pay their rent and keep the lawns/ property clean and tidy whats the big deal

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    Exclamation talk about overreacting to a simple request for advice!

    Did ya really need the attitude? Thanks anyway.
    see my tag...it says 'Freshie', as in, learnin'.

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    Checks aren't silly. The risk you're taking is that things break up messily, both the original tenants move out and you're left with this guy.

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    At least they have asked you, which is a good sign. They seem like reasonable people from what you say.

    I assume that you have a 'maximum number of people who may reside' clause in the tenancy agreement. If three falls within this maximum, then there is really not a lot you can do about it anyway.

    In your shoes, I'd OK it and let it run without altering the paperwork. If there is going to be a domestic dispute at some future point then that's an Act of God out of your control.

    Good luck.

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    Does the partner WANT to be on the lease. When you say "happy to be on", it implies s/he doesn't really mind either way. If that's the case, then status quo it is.

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    Just treat them like any other tenant, run the checks and add them to the tenancy.

    It gives you one more target if there are any problems in the future.

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    Thanks for the advice. Flynzl summed it up and that's whats happening.

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    If new partner is agreeable, then get him/her on the lease as well. I had an instance last year where my tenant parted ways with her partner but instead of asking him to move out, she did & within a month her was shacked up with a new partner, neither of whom were on the lease! Fortunately they kept paying the rent. This was when I had a property manager and when I decided to manage myself!

    Although an unlikely scenario, I now get everyone on the lease.

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    Reference check the new tenant first, then insist that they go on the Tenancy agreement.

    We regularly get this situation, and have rejected the additional tenant based on their past history.

    Just because your current tenants are good people it does't necessarily follow that they have excellent judgement when choosing their friends.

    If you do allow the new tenant, insure they are on the Tenancy agreement, so that you have as many people as possible jointly and severally liable should things go wrong.

    About 50% of our "tenants gone bad" scenarios have a relationship breakup on the tenants side as part of the situation, so protecting yourself from day 1 does matter.


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