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    Default From the weird and wonderful file

    Odd ball stories:

    CRUELEST GUIDE DOG. Brutus, a former guide dog for the blind in
    South Bend, Ind., played vicious tricks on his unfortunate owners. He
    led blind people down flights of stairs, and guided three owners into
    open manholes in the street. In a case that went to court, Brutus was
    found guilty of manslaughter and put to sleep.

    LEAST NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST CEREAL. Candy Crunches is a British
    cold cereal that consists of marshmallow bits covered with icing and
    sprinkled with confectioners sugar. It has no vitamins or minerals

    WORST CIRCUS KNIFE THROWER. Canadian Rick Tyler of Calgary,
    Alberta nicked, cut or seriously injured 14 consecutive female
    assistants, one of whom angrily threw knives back at him. He can no
    longer find willing assistants and has retired.

    MOST DANGEROUS GOLFER. Manny Neufeld, playing eighteen holes
    of golf in Riverside Calif., hit 14 spectators, two caddies, a chipmonk
    and a blue jay. His most spectacular shot sailed over a fence and
    shattered the windshield of a car on a nearby highway causing a six
    car pileup. An Insurance company paid Manny $10,000 to appear on a
    TV commercial.


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