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    Default Text/Email Reminder Service

    Hi all

    Does anyone use an automated text/email reminder service for their tenants? My workload has increased by 50% this year (number of tenants) and due to the fact that I also work full time etc etc, was thinking about the above system for reminding tenants that their rent payments are due. I imagine it could be used for other things as well, advising of property inspections etc. All my tenants have their email address listed as an address for service.

    At this stage I don't have an issue with anyone paying late but I am currently reminding a lot of tenants of their rent due as they don't pay by automatic payment (manual deposit or transfer at the bank), they are international students. I know a few of them rely on me to let them know and I don't mind doing this if it means getting the rent paid and on time!

    Was just wondering if anyone else uses this sort of system or something similar and has any feedback? Does it save time/money or not?

    Thanks in advance

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    I dont, but think it is a good idea & should save time.
    Who knows on saving money, depends how you do the reminders & how you send them out.

    The other side of sending out regular reminders is that the tenants come to rely on them, instead of taking personal responsibility, so if you ever forget, or the system fails, they can turn around & say that you didnt send them a reminder, so they didnt pay !

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    As you say the 'reminder' system could be used for other actions - like inspections, lease renewal, rent appraisals etc.

    I would have thought this would be available with PM software?

    We can customise a solution using our date trigger software in our ESP business = Mobilize Mail - but it would only send emails not SMS.

    If you are a PM co. then this would be a great 'service' - that may cut down on admin time - as it can be automated, personalised, plus you'd have a historical record too - it may allow you to manage more properties too.

    I agree you'd need to set the expectation with the tenant - that the reminder service was just that a 'friendly reminder' not the final notice and you could cover this off in your contracts too.


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    We have the facility in our software, but we don't use it for rent reminders, as all our tenants pay by AP.
    We do use it for late rent reminders, inspection reminders and open home reminders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksheep15 View Post
    Does anyone use an automated text/email
    reminder service for their tenants?
    No. But I do use a manual system for follow-ups.
    Vodafone have a (free) www interface that makes
    the job easier. Last I knew Telecon didn't offer
    any comparable service.
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    Thanks everyone, after some investigation it looks like my existing software may have the sort of function I am looking for, I didn't need it in previous years but due to increased workload I need it to make my life easier. Will look into it further.

    Perry, yes I see Vodafone do offer a web to text service. I am with Telecom and had a look there but didn't see anything similar.


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