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    Default Letting agent negotiating for the tenant

    Hi, I'm wondering if it's normal to have a surveyor or letting agent negotiate a lease (heads of terms) for a shop on behalf of a tenant. I know that normally the landlord will employ the letting agent to advertise the property and negotiate with prospective tenants in order to get the best deal for the landlord. What about the other way around? I will need a solicitor to draw up to look over the letting agreement and a surveyor to document the condition of the property. Would either the surveyor or the solicitor be able to negotiate effectively on my behalf? If I employ a letting agent to negotiate it will be an added cost, although perhaps he is the only one who is an expert in negotiating heads of terms. The level of rent would be around £8-10/year.

    I've contacted a few letting agents regarding this, and although they claim to work for tenants from marks & spencers down to the person opening a corner shop, they're not keen to get back to me when I'm talking about a lease of this level. So, basically, I am wondering whether this is the norm for a shopkeeper, or whether I would be best to negotiate myself.

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    RichardPhuket Guest


    It is certainly not often that you hear a tenant hire a letting agent to negotiate terms on behalf of him. There seems to be a conflict of interest. I think you can only do this with an agent you know and trust.

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    A well complied Due Diligence report will help you neg terms - look for a chartered company that employs valuers as well.


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