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    Question Apartment Smoking

    Does anyone know of body corporate rules being made to stop smoking on apartment balconies? I know some apartment buildings (eg. lighter Quay, Auckland) have rules in place stopping smoking in all common areas.

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    Try enforcing that !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ View Post
    Try enforcing that !!!
    Should be possible using a large water pistol

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    Lightbulb A water pistol?

    I suppose to enforce a non smoking rule, the rule would need to be comprehensive and say 2 strikes & you are out...................
    Lets face it, even 2 strikes is being generous when small children or babies are inhaling the second hand smoke while sleeping!
    Any rule writers, please feel free to respond.

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    Yes you can have a rule about this but in reality it is impossible to enforce.

    They can also smoke inside and still have the smoke drift so it's a bit of a pointless rule (even though I agree with it)

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    tenants are allowed "quiet enjoyment" in their residence

    that means cooking a curry, having a beer and smoking

    pub goers and workers are not in their residence, but private property, so smoking can be banned

    a BC can write the rules it wants, they never seem to bother running them past a lawyer, but telling people they can't partake of legal activities on the land they own or pay for is very, very difficult

    ps. i think smoking is a filthy habit but while it remains legal to sell cigarettes i think you are going to find it difficult to ban people smoking when they get "home"
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    Would it be possible to use council bylaws against open-air fires on smokers?

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    Its just one of those issues you get when living on top of your neighbors.

    Apartment living is not perfect.

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    A real problem, to be sure. Smoking tenants - just avoid them like the plague!

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    I don't like smoking, but if you are going to be fair you should also ban the council buses and trucks as the put a lot more "smoke" out


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