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    I think that the 1st agent was not interested due to commission matters on the property.

    Since you have the cash and have the right to choose which ever agent you wish to. You have said quite politely that the 2nd agent put more effort. If the 1st agent is intelligent enough, he/she will understand your message correctly.

    Good luck on buying the house!

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    Your back link building posts are very amusing Devid. Meaningless but amusing :-)

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    You must go to the second agent, he will be the best one, first one will ask you more commission than the second one and it will cost you more, so you should go for the seconds one

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    Haha the comment previous to the JonasSmith bot is Dean Leftus.

    Left us alright.

    To go to the US where all the 'interesting' property gurus go. I wonder if he and Phil Jones share a small flat somewhere?
    Squadly dinky do!

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    I have read a wonderful question and even better answers here. I hope that this situation does not arise often in real estate transactions, but it does sound as if everything worked out for the best.

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    You can change your property agent. I suggest you to first talk to your agent about your expectation and why you are dissatisfied with him and see if he will be able to work with you better.

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    Just go to the agent that provides quality service because you deserve the respect and courtesy. Let it be a lesson to the unprofessional agent who do not know how to handle clients well.


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