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    Default urgent question:can a buyer change real estate agents

    Hello everyone, we are interested in a house that we found ourselves in an online real estate site. The agent who showed us through was clearly not keen on the house, was rude to us when we later chatted about price and took a week to call us back. Finally, we organised a second visit with this agent.

    Another agent from a different company has been very friendly and helpful, when we told him about the disinterested agent he contacted the vendor and now his company has the right to sell the property aswell as the other. The house has been on the market for months now so perhaps the vendor is worried.

    Naturally we prefer to go with the agent we like...are there any legal implications involved for him or us if we swap agents that you know of? We have not put in any formal bids for the house, just verbal, and have not signed anything.

    I'm hoping for a quick reply if you can manage, we visit the house with the new agent tomorrow. Thanks!

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    Basically you can But It may create an Issue between to companies and the first agent will get pissed off with you.

    Legally it is not your problem - It is more morally.

    If the first agent was rude then make up your own mind.

    It sounds like you already been there twice with the First agent?
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    Thanks for the reply. We have only seen the house once with the first agent, he was present when we came to an open inspection. We had a second visit planned but cancelled once the second agent contacted us and said we could go through him.

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    IT's not your problem, but the vendor probably wont like paying two commissions. The first agent will demand a commission as s/he was the person who introduced you to the property.

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    Just go with the second agent maison2010. You say the second agent has already talked to the vendor so you can only assume they have arranged a commission split of some nature.

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    You're the person with the cash and you haven't signed anything, so you get to choose how you want to do this.

    Just make sure agent #2 knows the situation re agent #1 so if there is an issue, that puts the ball in his/her court.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumpin View Post
    Just make sure agent #2 knows the situation re agent #1 so if there is an issue, that puts the ball in his/her court.
    Agree with this.

    It isn't your issue, it is the Vendors. But you dont want your purchase held up because of a 3 way fight between the vendor and there two agents.

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    And after it is all done & dusted , make sure you inform agent # 1's boss exactly why you didn't deal with them.
    But only after settlement.

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    Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. To keep you updated...the second agent knows about the first, and we decided we wanted to treat the first agent respectfully and honestly so we called to tell him that we had changed agents. We stuck to the facts and simply told him the other agent had put in more effort on our behalf, but did not give him any negative feedback. He was angry but more toward the other agent rather than us. I would like to have the opportunity to let him know face to face why we were disappointed with his behaviour.
    It's all working out ok I think, thanks again for your great advice.

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    Yes, definitely. This will teach the first agent a lesson on manners and good sales skills. Everyone prefers the friendlier more helpful option.


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