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    ....it depends on the property, it depends on your budget and it depends on the location.....

    Actually it depends on your goals, your financial circumstances and your risk profile.....at the end of the day, the property remains the same, i.e a house, an apartment a block of land, it's only the purchaser that varies and hence whether it's a good investment or not so good.

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    Haven't seen you post here for a long time Terry!

    I actually quite like apartments because of the lesser hassle aspect i.e. no gardens, pets, drives etc. Plus they are really really f**king expensive to build, so can't be undercut too easily these days.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Thank you for the article. I agree with you

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    Well, It actually depends on your equity and investment plan. If you want to generate some passive income quickly, then investing in apartments is good. But if you're planning to get huge return on a long term investment, then house is the right choice.

    However, it is always better to consult with any property investment agency near you to get valuable advice from real experienced and expert investors. They'll analyze the current economic situation and provide you with the right solution.

    PPI - Investment Property Advice and Coaching

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    Hey Dman,

    I completely agree 110 %, it's all about location and trick is to find the right property at the right location at the right price. I did my planning, finance, property selection thoroughly for years before my purchase last year. I also put the importance on quality not quantity and invested my times on reliable properties search websites such as:
    1. Realestateview
    2. Mitula Australia
    3. realestate Australia


    Quote Originally Posted by Dman View Post
    Hey Matt,

    I honestly think it depends on the location of where you'd want to invest. If it's in a central location such as the Melbourne CBD or Sydney CBD, I'd definitely opt for an apartment. But if you're looking into regional areas or in mining towns with high potential growth like Perth or Queensland, then you'd be better off investing in a house. A census that was recently conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics about Australia's preferences for landed property or apartments suggests that Aussies do prefer houses. I can't seem to post links in my reply but if you google this, "Fewer occupants, more bedrooms: Census shows Australians prefer bigger houses", you should be able to find the article I'm talking about.

    Hope this helps matt, cheers.

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    I agree it depends a lot on the quality of the property and the location. I personally prefer apartments simply as someone mentioned earlier they are less hassle. But I don't think they're as good for long term investments, so it depends on your reasons for entering the property market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davo36 View Post
    Haven't seen you post here for a long time Terry!

    I actually quite like apartments because of the lesser hassle aspect i.e. no gardens, pets, drives etc. Plus they are really really f**king expensive to build, so can't be undercut too easily these days.
    I totally agree with you, I have lived all my life in apartments and I am so used that I can't imagine to change that. When I was younger I used to visit some relatives who were living in a house for the summer holidays and I quite liked it but only when it comes to vacations and short stays. Maybe one day when I retire I would buy a house on the sea cost to enjoy my senior years, but currently I don't see myself changing my lovely apartment in Melbourne

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    It is a depend upon the taste and preference of people. A house is the perfect accommodation for those individuals that are self-observer but it is very expensive. Apartments deal with a small area space. Apartments are not known to offer the level privacy as houses because there are several apartments in a single building occupied by varied people.

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    Many investors start out with the notion that they will consider buying an apartment (also known as flats or units) as there is a perception that they are cheaper and represent a more 'entry level' price.Alternatively, it's believed that because a freestanding house has land around it, and land appreciates while buildings depreciate, a house ultimately becomes worth more.

    It's demand which ultimately drives growth, not the property type. Therefore, the only way to establish whether to buy an apartment or a house is to discover what kind of people live in the area, and their preferred choice of property type.

    --- Peter

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    Both are good. Well if the house has a beautiful garden with it then investing in house is also a good option.


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