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    Default How to leave the property at the end of your tenancy

    From the Property Man. https://www.propertytalk.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=18331
    Feel free to copy this, add to it and make it part of your library of resources for your tenants.


    Lawns to be mowed approx 3 days before vacating property & gardens left tidy and weed free
    All lawn clippings to be removed from property.
    Edges around fences, paths and buildings to be trimmed/cut.
    Areas that need weed spraying is best done at your 21 day vacate notice.
    All rubbish to be removed from property.

    All light fittings to have bulbs.
    Stove/Oven to be left clean and tidy.
    Any kitchen fat residue on cupboards, benches, floors to be removed.
    Kitchen cupboards and drawers to be cleaned.
    Cobwebs to be wiped and cleaned away.
    Curtains/nets left as they were at start of tenancy.
    Shower, Bath, Basin and Toilet to be cleaned.
    Mould to be removed from bathroom walls and ceilings, and other areas in house.
    All surfaces to be wiped down / dust free.
    All areas to be swept, dusted and vacuumed.
    Marks on walls, doors, and door frames removed.
    Skirting boards all wiped with a wet cloth.
    Carpets to be shampooed.

    Please note: This list is to help you clean the property to an acceptable standard. This list is only a guide as every property is different and may require further cleaning than what is detailed above. If we have to get you back because the cleaning of the inside is not acceptable, or work on the outside is not completed we will charge rent on a daily basis as the new tenant cannot move in until it has been done.
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    Carpets to be shampooed.
    warning this is not a legal enforcable item. Refer countless other chats on these forums.
    Maybe reword to something like:
    -Carpets to be clean.It is recommended to shampoo or use a prfessional service as this is often quicker and easier.

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    Most, if not all, of the things on that list are unenforceable (unfortunately).
    At the end of a tenancy a property is to be left 'reasonably clean and tidy' - and it's people's varying perceptions of what constitutes clean and tidy that is causing trouble.

    The part about charging rent on a daily basis until the property is clean is definitely illegal I believe, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I'd say that's what the bond is for - if the place is not 'reasonably clean and tidy' then a suitable amount for cleaning should simply be subtracted from the tenant's bond.

    Personally I explicitly point out to new tenants the condition of the property and explains to them that I expect to find it in the same condition when they move out. I usually don't have problems so this seems to work. Generally communication is key.
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    Hi to All.....
    The article is very informative and i am searching kind of information on the web when i came across this forum and now i am quite satisfied to become the member this forum.
    I am beginner in this field of business and this discussion benefited me a lot.

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    I have found a list just by searching on google , on what items to look for before buying a home . And it is very useful . Every person should have it .

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    I like your post . I am a new person

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    Good inforation. Keep it up!


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