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    Apr 2006

    Default Extractor fans that go nowhere!

    Twice this month I have seen extractor fans in kitchens going nowhere.

    The cooking odours are been sucked wonderfully well from cook top to the ceiling.......and then around the open plan living areas.
    Surely this is just a lazy cheap way to finish a property?

    Why oh why oh why? Now I have to go and get them ducted which wont be terrible cheap.

    All the best,


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    Sometimes house owners put them in themselves and plan on getting up in the ceiling to finish it but never get around to doing it. They then forget, finish renovating and either sell the property or rent it out.


    p.s or they are just plain lazy!!

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    Recirculating range hoods tend to have a carbon filter to remove odours.
    Seldom replaced when used up of course.
    The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.

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    Default Venting

    A good handyman can do this easily and cost efectivly for you or a rangehood guy very easily and shouldnt be too much - cheaper than leaving it anyway and having to clean everywhere and repaint eventually. Check they are not reticulating and hen dont need that vent anyway - google the make and model.


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    I've ducted rangehoods in previous PPORs - generally simple, unless you gotta go thru blocks or bicks. Watch out for studs.

    The carbon filter thing is a complete waste of time as you would need to replace quite regularly if you cook every day.

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    These fans are no good if not used. Also no good if not set on recirculate. Different models have different settings. For some it's a plate that needs to be fitted (on installation), for some it's a simple lever.

    We have a recirculating one (in our home) as there is no external wall available, and the filters do get awful clogged. Suggest you as LandLord clean / replace them as a regular maintenance visit as you can't rely on tenants (in the same way they are not going to clear your guttering!)

    The other thing we have is a smoke detector (in the hall next to the kitchen) that keeps going off if the extractor fan is not used. A crude but effective reminder!



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