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    Australia is one another big country and economically strong. There is a lot of field area in Australia which must be filled. I must say Australia is good country for investment in property as Thier property is not so expensive so investors should consider Australia as a property investment.

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    Found this article about the shortage of rental properties in Gladstone. Guess Gladstone still has potential and demand.

    The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) says Gladstone remains the state's tightest rental market.

    The REIQ says most regions posted vacancy rates of 2.5 per cent or lower last month, but in Gladstone the rate is below 1 per cent.
    REIQ chief executive Anton Kardash says there is also an undersupply of rental accommodation in the Brisbane region.
    "We're really seeing a tightening of the market place pretty much across Queensland," he said.
    "There are some exceptions but we're seeing a real tightening of the market.
    "What we would normal consider to be a balanced market is 3 per cent and what we're seeing from June to September is we've gone from 2.4 to 1.9 per cent."

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    Now is a good time to buy in cities such as Brisbane, Perth. Where prices are expected to rise by 17% between 2013 and 2015. There are some good deals here at the moment, coupled with decreasing interest rates. Next cash rate decrease will be in December and should see rates around 5.5% mark. We are planning to buy our first Australia IP in the next three months.


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