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    Default How to check which year the house was built?

    Hi, I am a first home buyer and start looking for houses.

    I try to avoid houses built from 1987 to 2004 due to the possibility of leaking.

    But how can I find out which year the house was built?

    Ads always say "70s", "80s" or "90s". Agents can't answer this question as well. When I asked an agent he said all he knows is that the house was built during 80s...

    Could anyone tell me how to check it out?

    Thanks you.


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    Hi Jacky,

    Best way to get more accurate age is to have a look at the property file and the LIM.

    There, you can most likely find info regarding the initial planes and building consents.

    Most leaky properties that I come across where Build around the 1990's.

    If you find a good candidate property BUT you not sure if it is leaky you can do a special Thermal imaging property check for that matter.
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    maybe not as accurate as previous post but the quickest way to see when something was built is to look at the date on the hot water cylinder

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    The hot water cylinder date may be ok for low pressure tanks, but be aware that high pressure tanks have a much shorter life as they rely on the sacreficial anode inside the tank to stop the enamelled steel from corroding.
    I had one that was only 10 years old start to leak & had to be replaced. It was then that i discovered the 10 year life expectancy of a high pressure tank.

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    Check EVERY house for leaks, no matter when it was built.

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    Will have a look hot water cylinder next time!
    Will ask for a special Thermal imaging property check when do a builder report.

    Thank you guys!


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