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    Oh darn. What course was this?

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    Oh a litigation lawyer was required and now found one.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by AMR View Post
    Oh darn. What course was this?
    Can't say at this stage sorry ...

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    Ooops...I went and emailed be1 before reading to the end of the thread....that will teach me.

    Glad to see you got yourself sorted
    Last edited by Ivan McIntosh; 21-12-2010 at 12:42 PM.

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    No harm done Ivan. Thanks for the kind offer anyway.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xav View Post
    Every so often there are threads started by people who have been to some investment property seminar or the other, signed up for something and then wanted to reconsider.

    If you go to a seminar, purchase something and then change your mind, then (depending on the circumstances):

    1. Any agreement you entered into may be unenforceable by the other party (meaning you won't have to continue to pay any ongoing fees); OR

    2. You may have a right to cancel any agreement you entered into (meaning you get back any money you have paid); OR

    3. Both.
    You forgot the VERY important item 4:

    4. Look in the mirror, give yourself a very stern talking to for at least 30 minutes, and don't do it again!

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    Default Too late

    Thanks Robin but too late taking in your advice at this stage I am afraid. And after this costly lesson if I do it again I am ... [email protected]$%^## ... !

    Anyway, has anyone seen other thread in this topic? I have not been able to find much.

    Would be interesting to see if there was anyone else who tried to get out of the same course I was in. I know people who signed up the same course and found themselves in the same situation and tried to get out of it but pushed back by the organiser. Not knowing their legal rights they had to forego the loss.

    But why no one has said anything about them on this website I found it interesting where people are having a go at anyone or any sort of property masters or courses etc. It seems almost strange not to find any thread in relation to it given the cost of course and more than half of people who dropped out of it half way through. Surely it's not quite right.

    Sorry for not being able to name it here at this stage. Still in the litigation process so it depends on the outcome whether I would be able to further post about the course etc. But I hope someone out there can get the message not to sign up for anything when people upselll something else and make sure they ask about their right to cancel before they do if they have to sign up something.

    It's painful to think about what I did and how I did it now... all tooooo easy and clear when you think about it retrospecitvely.

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    Get out if you can, most seminars are for losers and bunnies. If the presenters really had the magic formula they would be investing themselves and wouldn't need to run them. They are winning horse race formulas, get out quick and go to your local investor association, talk to the old guys who own 100s of properties and learn from them for free!

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    Default Any tested case for the Door to Door Sales Act 1967

    Great post Xav.

    I see you had posted this some time ago. Just wondering if anyone out there successfully got out of their obligation using this Door to Door Sales Act 1967.

    Has there been any case tested for the above senario? Either in court or outside but tested in a way? Just curious how widely this is known to the public and applied...

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    It isn't widely known. There are of course other possiblities for getting out of your obligations but they are better known and should be covered by your lawyer anyway. It is quite possible that this approach would not be, which is why I posted it. Often successful outcomes in these kind of situations arise from negotiation as well.

    You really need to take some legal advice, but you could try sending be1 a private message.


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