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    Lightbulb How to bookmark NZ new Posts.

    As users become familiar with the forums they may decide to use the new posts button. This will display any new posts that have been written since they have last visted. This is a great way of using the forums.

    The only draw back is it will display new posts from every Forum , including the overseas countries.

    To get aorund this problem I have written a shortcut which will exclude all other countries and only show new posts relevant to NZ.

    It is an unusual format which is then converted into a search id - and you can't bookmark those. So if you want to add the link to your favourites you will need to;

    1-Add any propertytalk page to your bookmarks/ favourites.
    2-Come back to this post and right mouse click and "copy link location"/ "copy shortcut" on my hot link below.
    3-Now go to your shortcut created in step 1 and go into its properties, change the url to the newly copied version.
    4-Happy surfing.

    My new hot link which will work.

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    Updated hotlink. Previous version let some overseas subforums slip through.

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    auckland New Zealand


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