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    Default Plastic House Cladding

    1. We are looking at palliside to be installed on the outside of our wellington house. Can people who have had it installed please tell me their opinions of this product?

    2. Can people who have heard good and bad things about Palliside also tell me what you have heard?

    3. And can anyone recommend a builder in the wellington cbd area who is qualified to install palliside.

    4. Finally - what other plastic type cladding systems are available and what would you recommend please?

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    maybe it would help if you provided a link to what you were talking about....


    have you asked any of these Q to the makers/sellers?

    have you done any google searches?

    have you googled the people in these testimonials


    have you contacted dave mudge in wellington?
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    Default reply

    Yes, yes and no. I was hoping for new comments from people who have installed or had it installed as except for the web sites you refer to with the printed comments on them other people have said palliside fades in 5 years, becomes brittle and if one leans a ladder on it to water blast it cracks and is difficult to repair as its interlocking. But thanks for the starting info.

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    Didnt install it- but I have lived in my Paliside house for 5 years. The house is 1980's built in white paliside (can't comment on fading) Maybe it was a better product back in the 80's as we have not found any brittle sections. Fab to know we dont have to spend thousands in painting at any time in the future. Really easy to wash down although watch for the plastic edge pieces that can fall off with water blasting

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    the site advertises a 25year warranty

    read that document carefully

    do they promise to replace 24 year old cladding with new if it fails?

    or do they say it has only 5% of it's life left and offer that...

    have they even been up and running for 25 years?

    it doesn't seem that common so info may be scarce, as a newmarket co. mnost builds will be in and around ak
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    We/a company I’m involved in are building some houses out of plastic cladding in Central Otago. And the decks are a plastic wood - an amazing product for dry climates with a huge temperature variance across the day and night as we experience. ( Wood twists and turns, warping. Plastic is not fazed by the weather and stays true). You would not know the difference between the plastic deck and wood unless I pointed it out, when standing on it.

    We import it from the USA, but there are some local resellers.

    Its brilliant - weather resistant, comes with a polystyrene back for insulation in fixed boards and pre-painted. All up you save heaps because it’s painted - saving $$.

    Happy to put you in touch with the suppliers. We swear by it. Looks like linear, but quicker to install, cheaper, better R (thermal) ratings, very hardy.

    I'm sorry I can’t tell you its name tonight - I'll have to ask my business partner as he is the builder.

    I also own a pallisde rental property, - its very low maintenance and a good product in my experience. ( Though a bit brittle if you back the car into it, - unlike wood etc.)

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    Any recent experiences on uPVC cladding? I am thinking of doing the same for a unit. I have used a uPVC fence product which is great so far. Always looks new...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Gilligan View Post
    You would not know the difference between the plastic deck and wood unless I pointed it out, when standing on it.

    bet i would

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    saw some high density grooved decking wood made from recycled plastic overseas 10 years ago

    some in a grey paint looking finish

    the other a dark brown stain finish

    neither would ever need repainting or staining as the finish went all the way through

    there was only really 1 give-away

    on your hands and knees, the light reflected too perfectly from the surface without the irregular grain, minor blemishes, tiny knots, warps and splits of natural woods

    someone who knew wood well could tell it was too perfect

    would no one not a building nerd would look or even care

    but it was more expensive than wood in the short term


    looks like it's even better now



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