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    So the AK council decides to have a say on the the well kept berms in our street.

    How do they do that ?

    Use roundup and spray the hell out of it. not just the edges but half the berm. Neighbours are all pissed off. Councils , what will we do without them.
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    Its interesting that some people seem to think their opinions apply to everyone.

    Having lived in Auckland for 9 years I think I can comfortably say the "four seasons in one day" claim is well overblown. Sunny morning then howling winds and pouring rain in the afternoon? Pull the other one.. might happen once or twice a year, probably no more than any other city.

    The hills in Auckland, try riding up Queen St haha! Woe is me! Not everybody works in Britomart and lives beyond Upper Queen St!

    The thing that a lot of people are blissfully ignorant of about these Daisy apartments is that every single person who bought one would have known there was no carparking as part of the development and very little on street parking on account of it being on a cul-de-sac with existing businesses. Nobody knows who the buyers are - is there any evidence a single one plans to own a car and park it on nearby streets? No! As has been mentioned, there is a bus stop 80m away. Again, people bought into this development knowing all this information.


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