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    Default Advertising websites

    Hi All,

    To which website/s do you usually visit to inquire, view and research investment opportunities from within New Zealand and overseas.

    I run a small overseas property investment consultancy and i'm trying to locate the most popular websites.

    Thanks in advance

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    http://www.propertybillboard.co.nz specialise in NZ investment properties.


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    Depends on what level of service you need, from just buying the property to a full service operation. If just buying then Trademe is pretty good and at the other end I use NZinvest for Auckland properties where I do the mortgage and they do the property, management, rental agency, maintenance and legal/tax structures. Works out really well all round I've found particularly for overseas investors.
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    To find most properties marketed by the regular real estate agencies use these 3 sites:

    A rough idea of market rent can be found the the Department of Building and Housing website here:

    for the real juice on a property (including previous sales, local sales and marketing history) check out www.rpnz.co.nz (you'll need to pay for a login).

    Nothing quite beats local expertise and "boots on the ground". Consider using a local property finder in the cities you want to target.


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