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    Default Student numbers..

    No doubt that investment in student accommodation in the UK has seen a bit of a boom in the last few years due to a general shortage of decent accommodation and increasing sutdent numbers. I have bought a couple of places myself and am very happy with the returns I am making. Liverpool is a very good area to invest infor the reasons flatlander explained.
    A word of caution however. The massive hike in student tuition fees recently introduced is likely to result in a significant decrease in student numbers over the coming years. University applications are down this year for the first time in many years and I see this trend continuing for some time to come as potential students start to ask themselves if they really want to start their working lives with £50,000 to £70,000 of debt. There will be an inevitable drop in demand for accommodation which, in time, will start to reduce rental yields and make student accommodation a less attractive investment. Of course, if there is a change of government in 2 or 3 years time the tuition fee increases will probably be reversed and student numbers will recover again.

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    Has anyone here invested into student accomodation or other properties in the Uk from Australia or NZ? Is it even possible?

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    Good to see somebody who has some positive feedback about these investments. They are great opportunities if you buy in the right area, through the right agent and the right developers.

    I work for a company who has worked with some great developers and we have seen a lot of happy investors. We are also different to a lot of the main agents who offer out these sales, as we take responsibility for the ongoing marketing of them to students and this is really the sort of thing you should look for when you are investing.

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    And just a note on tuition fees...they have hiked, but this has attracted a much higher number of international students who are predominantly looking for self-contained en-suites and studios, which are the general make-up of these units.

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    Did you have experienced of this? We sell student accommodation properties and find it to be a popular investment for future.

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    Investing money on students accommodation is good idea, it is fixed monthly income.


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