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    Default Lega threats

    I would hope that people can back off for a time from the moderators and channel operators regarding certain threads that are closed. There are legal issues at stake and I am sure none of those complaining about the closed threads would want this channel closed down permanently, so I would hope they could back off for a time till this is resolved one way or another.

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    Well, that about takes the cake -- moderators decimating the website for the sake of a few whiners; possibly the very same whiners who foolishly post under their real names -- and then they have the nerve to blame the rest of us for looking. What are we supposed to do?

    Also, without quantifiable damages the whiners have no suit. Plaintiffs/whiners will spend a bunch of money only to be told by a judge to go take a hike. The law is blind – not stupid! So, good luck throwing empty threats at PT posters.

    Sheesh, I thought this was supposed to fun!

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    Sheesh, I thought this was supposed to fun!
    So did I. Instead, moderation has become a tiring, unrewarding chore trying to keep everyone happy.

    As CJ stated, we haven't decimated anything. We have removed threads for review. That means it being reviewed.

    I have moved WBuffet's new, related thread into this one. As CJ requested, please allow us to do our 'jobs' without creating more work by creating more threads on the same subject.


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