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    Quote Originally Posted by k1w1 View Post
    In that case, motivated, you won't mind when they insert apostrophes into 'cant' and 'Im'. Please understand that's not a personal attack on you. I agree 100% that content is critical, and make the point that spelling and grammar is of little consequence to that content, so long as the message is clear.
    Retired English teachers are like anyone else, they need to occupy their time, for enjoyment or otherwise, why would you begrudge them that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1w1 View Post
    Sorry, still confused. They have their place, you say. Does that mean they are limited to one section only from this point onwards (the forum funnies?) If posted on 'regular' branches then are you saying that any satire or jokes will be deleted, or only if the joke is used to denigrate another poster?

    Sorry to harp, but it's not clear cut and I'd like to know the rules, if these rules are about to be clamped down upon with such vigour.
    Hi K1w1
    No we mean they are allowed on the general forums - however if they are denigrating other posters, or otherwise contravening the rules then they will be removed.

    I'll note in general humour doesn't come across that easily online - it is an easy source of misunderstanding so I would suggest if you want to make a point - don't do it in gag format!


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    Default New Rules - Matt Gilligan's View

    To me, this is about ethical publishing standards, and it is about making sure that people are acting in a lawful manner in here. Many statements made when considered cumulatively by the posters, or network of posters supporting them, are defamatory in nature and expose PT and the poster to liability.

    Smear campaigns orchestrated to undermine rivals and spread dissent about an organization are illegal. PT know this because I have reviewed the site with my solicitors and we have legal advice to this effect that I have shared with Donna and Mark. It is not hard to prove it, - you just follow the culprits around and take screen shots of a months posting and you get a clear picture they are running a smear campaign on rivals. Its gross and undermining of the culture in here.

    But this is also about making PT a nice place to be. And that is the best part of what the moderators are proposing here. Making this please a nice place to participate in.

    So this this is fantastic news for PT and well done moderators for making a move to clean this place up. From my perspective it became a cess pit with the bun fights, and some were actually using PT for a defamatory smear campaign on their competitors. This is and was totally unacceptable and illegal.

    The point I was making in Friday's and Saturday's posts, is that this is a forum for people to come to to debate and learn about everything property and related topics that take our fancy. The forum has become derailed by a few, in their furtherance of their own commercial interest. As we all know, some of the smear campaigns in here have been very clever and well crafted smear smear campaigns ( that deride others) while seeming to be in public interest. And the outcome is constructive debate morphs into feuding battles, with the debate/knowledge going by the wayside.

    I look forward to a constructive, focused debate and information sharing without the politics of competitors selling themselves by smearing crap all over others.

    Bravo PT, (if you follow through now). And thanks to the hardworking moderators for caring and stretching themselves to change their view of this place. I know its not easy.

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    If Mat follows the new rules so will I
    OllyN [email protected]
    Independent Property Consultant
    Residential and Commercial Solutions

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    Spelling and grammar is important to help make the message clear.
    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx

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    About time too mods. While this site has a lot to offer, it has always been plagued with posters who probably ought to post on social networking sites. When icons of the industry like Orion are hounded out by childish behaviour it is time (too late?) to clean up the act for those who are more interested in property than point scoring.

    Best regards,

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    I've learnt a lot here in the forum from all of you. I haven't noticed any bad language or shocking comments but I only read some threads (the rest being over my head!). On the whole the forum gets 10 out of 10 from me.


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