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    Default Leaky shower - nine year old home


    Can anyone point me in the right direction thus:

    A home I bought 9 years ago from new has developed a leak in the shower base. Is this a possible leaky homes claim - as my understanding is that the leak needs to come from outside to qualify for this? The home does not leak in that sense at all.

    Is the first course of action to take up with the tiler or developer, who in both instances, appear to have wound up their businesses several years ago?

    What else do I need to bear in mind - or is it just best I sort out the problem myself, noting that it will probably cost around $2500-$3500 to fix?

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    A neighbour had a similar issue no builder to chase. They ended up claiming insurance and got a new bathroom out of it. The water had gone from the bath and rotted timber heaps.

    Trick is reading your policy carefully to determine if it is wear and tear etc and covered.

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    Default Help

    Are you in Auckland -if so I can take a look for no cost .. or help in regard to whether insurance claim can be made and upheld - we deal and or work on behalf of investors all the time with these scenarios albeit mostly out of town landlords.

    PM me if you wish


    Mark Trafford

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    Sounds like an insurance claim to me. Gradual damage is notoriously difficult to claim. Be prepared to stand up for yourself to get an approval.

    I heard of a similar claim recently. They got insurance for the damage, but not the cost of replacing the shower - that was for the shower people to deal with. As in your case, they had closed.

    Good luck. This is where some insurances are much better than others.

    PS. Don't do anything until you have called your insurer, as I discovered the hard way. They like to be in control.


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