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    Default Department of Building and Housing Office Relocation

    We have received news from the Department of Building and Housing that the DBH is closing their office at 507 Lake Road, Takapuna as of Thursday 25th March 2010.

    The majority of the DBH's work is now being conducted by telephone, making it easier for landlords and teantns to be available to resolve their disputes without having to take the time off to travel and attend mediation appointments. This has proven to be convenient and cost effective for all involved.

    All services will be transferred to the DBH Auckland City office at

    Level 3

    AXA Building

    41 Shortland Street

    Where appropriate, the DBH may offer face-to-face advice and mediation appointments through Work and Income Services Centre at 519 Lake Road, Takapuna. These services will be provided on an appointment-only basis.

    Walk-in services are available at the DBH's Auckladn and Manukau full service offices, and tenant advice and information is available any time during business hours on 0800 836 262.

    A copy of all the DBH forms and publications can be downloaded or ordered from its website. In addition, the DBH has online tools designed specifically for landlords and property managers.


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