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    Default Relocating laundry

    We need to relocate our laundry under the house so that we can turn the existing laundry into the new baby's room.
    We need to relocate the hot water cylinder and build a laundry down stairs. Anyone here done this before?
    It seems so major and we have 3 months left. We would need a builder and a plumber... it's giving me a headache. I am also worried the water pressue wont be as good once the cylinder is under the house.
    Do you need building consents/permits?
    Anyone know a builder and plumber team that help?
    Is this as major as it seems

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    Where are you?

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    Hi Anna

    Moving a laundry to create space is a fairly common job. I have sent you a PM with some more details.

    Good luck with the new baby.


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    A few years ago I turned the hot water cupboard into a washing machine alcove with shelves above, and installed a new cylinder above in the roof space. (We needed a new cylinder anyway.) I didn't install the drier above the washing machine but could have fairly easily. Can't recall the cost now but it was quite reasonable as most of the piping was there already. Would that work for you?


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