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    Default smoking in flats?

    hi all,
    1 tenant in a block of flats smokes in their flat with the windows open

    the smoke goes outside, up and into the windows of the flat above

    people in above flat complain and are asking for tenant not to smoke on site

    seems a big ask...

    what would you do?
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Queenstown, Dunedin


    close the top window

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devious0 View Post
    close the top window

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    Karratha WA


    We have that at our office, the wind blows smoke down the corridor through all the offices. It keeps me going during a stressful day!

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    IF: You manage both properties IF: it's in the smoking tenant's contract that smoking within the property is not allowed and IF: The tenant refuses to stop smoking, then it's off to TT with you.

    Plenty of IF's in there though!


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