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    Quote Originally Posted by MUFFIT View Post
    Wood dosnt (sic) offer his students deals.
    Right. So the people who told me personally they bought property from their 'coach' Sean Wood were, what?...
    Pulling my leg? Lying to my face? Really? <Things that make you go "hmmm"...>

    Might check in again in 6 months.
    OK, anonymous muffit, cheers. - P

    PS Hadn't we already discussed this?
    Last edited by PeterEmpowerEd; 15-02-2010 at 10:54 AM. Reason: had 'nother fort
    Peter Aranyi
    Blog: www.ThePaepae.com

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    If Muffit is who I possibly think he probably could or could not be and if that is indeed the case then he has maybe made millions in property investing, if thats true shouldnt we listen to what he has to say ? If he says Don Ho is legit and so is Shaun Woods then surely his word is a good enough recommendation?

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    I can't believe I've just waisted time reading this bollocks.

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    Yeah, me neither ... who started this thread? Oh. Right.

    This was a classic line, though:

    Quote Originally Posted by k1w1 View Post
    Maybe they could only get him for 1.5 days
    Perfect. - P
    Peter Aranyi
    Blog: www.ThePaepae.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean
    Get pregnant.
    Go on the DPB.
    But that takes 9 months not 6?
    That wasn't bad, either...


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