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    Thanks Dean

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    This is a covered call system!!!

    I am PMSL after reading the blurb:

    Promises Kept...

    Promise #1:

    A Simple Options Trading and Writing Covered Calls Formula

    Whatís Treanís & Richardís simple, options and writing covered calls trading formula to deliver our promise to you?

    Triple and double-digit options and hedged stock trades profits start with stock momentum and volatility.

    Slow moving stocks cannot return the kinds of profits you and Trean & Richard want.

    Why trade options? The answer is quite easy: the US exchange traded options market is one of the most dynamic, innovative and exciting markets available and options themselves are one of the most profitable and versatile tools available to traders. Options are used by both large institutions and small traders because of their leverage, risk management capability and capacity to greatly enhance the return on assets.

    Why write covered calls? The answer is again an easy one: Option writing to increase the rate of return will offer downside protection. Experience has shown that a well structured covered call write, for the limited risk involved will consistently outperform many other investment concepts. Experience in call option writing is imperative. Inexperienced investors may lose their shirts, investing in the Actiongems Wholesale Enhanced Income Fund offers you enhanced returns by experienced traders who know how to limit risk and have the software to guide Trean & Richard to seek quality stocks with solid growth and profit potential. These are two principal reasons why traders write covered calls. These two factors are inextricably linked.

    Treanís & Richardís primary stock data base is a constantly changing and evolving list that have big movement and profit potential with downside risk protection.

    Every week, Trean & Richard runs these Power Stocks through a specialised computer trading program system that gives them a detailed and intimate statistical picture of how every stock is behaving:

    We still want confirmation that the trade is going higher. After the stock finds support on the confluence level, this gives us this confirmation.
    Is the stock very strong (or weak) in relation to the other stocks we may be considering trading?
    What are critical support and resistance levels?
    What is the stock's Power Index?
    What is the volatility of the stock?
    Factors influencing the price of the option, ultimately it is supply and demand which dictates the actual price at which options are bought or sold.
    The volatility of the price of underlying stock also plays a part in determining price.
    Time is another important factor as Options are wasting assets.
    We look at other indicators like stochastics, which is a momentum indicator. In our opinion the best way to utilize stochastics is looking for divergence. Divergence is created when the stock goes one direction and the oscillator goes the other direction.
    It is often said that the crowd is often wrong at key trend turning points. If this is the case, one would want to measure the crowdís expectations at potential turning points to identify up and down turns in the market.
    Sentimental analysis measures the emotions of the investing crowd in an attempt to identify extreme market readings.
    This gives Trean & Richard (and you) these profitable indicators showing us to jump in or out before the crowds and your chances of profiting and how much profit you will make...
    We are also looking for companies with a track record in terms of earning or profits. One way we can be sure to assess that is to look over the past couple of years at the companies that are showing earnings that have grown in excess each year.
    We need to have the parameters of the trade set before we ever make a trade, we need to work out before we place the trade what our initial profit target is going to be, and what our stop loss is going to be.
    Once the stock has traded through our entry price, we can attach an order to establish our stop, protecting our risk if the stock suddenly goes south. In other words, there needs to be a compelling reason for making the trade, and believing it has the potential of hitting the profit objective.
    This trading program system then narrows the Power Stocks from about 300 to 50 potential trades.

    Trean & Richardís system doesn't stop there...We then run these 50 potential trades through a second computer program.

    Blah Blah Blah
    The returns quoted on the website can only arise from leverage and with potential for large undefined losses, it's playing with gunpowder and matches.

    I don't know who this Robyn Grinter is but this statement:

    If you read the document you will also see that your capital is actually 100% protected so you WILL NOT loose any money. You will make bucketloads.
    Is just not how it works. You cannot eliminate risk with options. Options merely swap one sort of risk in exchange for other risks, as measured by theoretical outputs of the Black Scholes (or similar) pricing model known as the Greeks.

    Anyone who says you have no risk is BSing... or ignorant about options.

    I never wanted to come on here and start offending anyone and I apologise if so, but I'm telling the truth.

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    Default No need to provide a prospectus when...

    Yes, I have since found out The Securities Act provides exceptions to the need to provide a prospectus if the amount asked for is 500k or more, or if the investor is a "habitual investor".

    The next question is what is a "habitual investor"?

    I read with interest about the McEwan case in this article where investors were thought to be habitual investors, but later (when things turned to custard) were determined not to be in court.

    Analysis of the case by Bell Gully is presented here.

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    This thread was linked to from https://www.propertytalk.com/forum/sh...appened-to-her

    Actiongems Ltd. was struck off in June 2011.

    Robyn appears to be a director of numerous companies (probably various property holding/trading companies), including several that have been sruck off and two that are currently in liquidation (since Feb 2012)
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