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    Default Powermanager installations (Meridian)

    Yet another trap for young players.

    On reposessing a property (or more accruately, on the power going off), I discovered that the tenants had had a Powermanager pre-pay connection installed.

    On calling Meridian I had to go through quite a convoluted process to get the connection re-assigned to my name and then wait for 45 minutes until their computer caught up with the fgact it had been re-assigned, and then call them again and have it re-done again because they hadn;t given me the all-important connection number you need to purchase a new card. (And of course wait outside a Caltex station for another 45 minutes while the computer caught up again!)

    I did ask Meridian if when asked to install Powermanager connections whether they checked that the property owner had approved this. Their response is that they ask the tenant if the landlord has given permission!!

    So my latest tips:

    1. Make sure your tenants know they need to ask you first before doing this.

    2. Ask Meridian to flag you as the required authoriser for all your properties (just kidding -- I bet they can;t accommodate this).,

    3. Put a permanent sticker in the meter box advising Meridian of who they need to call for authorisation before proceeding.

    Some good news for once though. Meridian tell me that if a new tenant does not want pre-pay power, but signs up as a Merdian customer then Meridian will un-install Powermanager FOC.
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    I have 2 units currently with power managers. Some tenants like some don't.

    I just tell them that they need to ring meridian within 28 days to have one removed or installed. This is free of charge. After the 28 days there is a charge...

    The number you talk about is the "CPE" which is 6 digits long there is also a 10 digit number each unit has a bit like a IP address. These numbers never change.

    I go through the Madbutcher usually takes a few minutes to change over. Never 45 minutes. Maybe they were having a bad day.

    I always warn my tenants that the power-manger costs more per Kwh than normal billing.


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