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    Default Aluminium windows repairs

    The builder's report says:
    There were no condensation channels or drain holes at the base of any of the windows. Some minor damage to the paintwork of the windows sills has occurred as a result of no condensation channels.

    So I want to know how much roughly cost to fit condensation channels and drain holes?

    Cheers guys

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    See if you can find the manufacturer and ask them for advice - I don't know if you can 'fit' them after. Inside the frame may have a name.

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    Thanks, seems that no one has had a similer exp here. Will ask the manufacturer.

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    Unlikely that there is any standard fitting and drain holes will probably be impossible to put in. If they can make a decent condensation channel for you to attach, it should solve your problem.

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    Yeah, the solution would based on the cost. I'm thinking hrv or dvs would be the solution if the repairing cost is high.


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