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    Post Video Converters - From Cannon to youtube

    Hi all,

    A question for the technically minded.

    I want to upload video from my camera to youtube but its taking a gazillion hours and then stops, saying error about 1/3 way thru.

    I have a Canon IXUS 9015.

    When I download video to my hard drive it is saved as MVI_1654. The number changing per video.

    I have been online since 10pm looking for a way to do this and have been stumpted so far.

    All help appreciated.

    All the best,


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    Hi Niall,

    A camera store would know? Maybe a quick call to one would do it.....even the likes of Dick Smith - they'd probably know too.


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    Have you tried saving it to your computer in .mpeg format, and then uploading from there? How big is the actual file?

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    i'll take a stab

    your video size is probably too big

    you need to get it across to your computer and reduce it with 1 of the many compression codecs, hopefully built into the OS on your computer

    what kind of video and operating system do you have?

    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    My first guess is that the file name/extension
    is being rejected, viz. MVI_1654.

    Similar to Eri's suggestion, you may need to
    convert it to a file type and file name syntax
    supported by UTube.

    MVI is a DVD associated format.

    UTube will mention file types accepted. MPEG
    and WMV are likely among them.

    Sometimes it can be as simple as renaming
    the file to JillsBirthday.mpeg

    Other times, you may need a conversion
    utility to convert the file, first.

    Good luck. In my limited experience, luck
    can play a large part in such efforts.
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    Canon MVI is uncompressed video .. way too big.. Use Xp' s movie maker to convert to wmv ...

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    Apr 2006


    Thanks guys for your replies.

    I almost let in to annoyance and thru the camera out with the bath water. After having it for over a year, I had still not fiddled about with the dials and buttons.

    Electronic shop sales people could not help. Looked a bit confused by this 12 month old model. Amending the name to mpeg didnt work either.

    I eventually figure out how to reduce the size of the video. I didnt realise that could be done.

    The videos play perfectly on Windows media player from the memory stick and hard drive despite their large size.

    I will shot a video this weekend on a smaller size and see if I can upload it.

    All the best,



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