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    Default Most trusted professionals

    Look where REA's are!

    In the annual Roy Morgan Image of Professions survey 89% (unchanged in a year) of Australians aged 14 and over rate Nurses as the most ethical and honest profession — the 15th year in a row since Nurses were first included on the survey in 1994.

    Pharmacists (84%, down 2%), Doctors (82%, up 3%) and School teachers (76%, down 2%) have been consistently ranked near the top while Dentists (69%, down 1%), Engineers (69%, down 3%), State Supreme Court Judges (68%, up 1%) and High Court Judges (67%, up 1%) also regularly rate highly.

    Comparing 2009 results to those of 2008 shows that the image of most professions declined in 2009. Of 29 professions surveyed in both years, 23 saw declines in 2009, while three professions were unchanged over the year. Only three professions, Doctors (82%, up 3%), State Supreme Court Judges (68%, up 1%) and High Court Judges (67%, up 1%), rose over the year.

    Financial Planners (25%), included for the first time in 2009, ranked 16th overall, just behind Public Servants (28%, down 1%), Lawyers (30%, down 5%) but marginally ahead of Public opinion pollsters (23%, down 6%), Federal MPs (19%, down 4%) and State MPs (18%, down 2%).

    Although Bank Managers (33%, unchanged) were not negatively effected by the global financial crisis, Directors of Public companies (17%, down 5%) and Business executives (16%, down 5%) both had large falls in 2009 as worries about the stability of the world’s financial systems mounted.

    As in previous years, journalists are not looked upon too favourably with Television Reporters / Journalists (14%, down 2%) ahead of Newspaper Journalists (9%, down 5%).

    At the foot of the table were the ‘familiar suspects’ with Car Salesman (3%, down 1%) being the profession least associated with ‘ethics’ and ‘honesty’ while Advertising people (6%, down 3%) are the lowest they have been since the survey began in 1979. Newspaper Journalists (9%, down 5%), Estate Agents (10%, unchanged) and Insurance brokers (11%, down 4%) are also perceived as the least ethical.
    See table here...


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    Default Nurses?

    They should not even be included in the survey.

    If nurses can be included, what about panelbeaters?


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