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    Default RICS: Gap between asking and selling prices appears to be narrowing (UK)

    The majority of surveyors (almost 60%) are now reporting that the gap between asking and selling price is narrowing says RICS research published on June 15, 2009. In contrast, last August results of the same survey revealed that the gap was widening.

    Across the UK, houses are selling at an average of 11% below the asking price with sellers in some regions being forced to accept as much as 26% discount off their advertised price.

    The north still seems to be the worst affected region where vendors are accepting offers, on average, at only 74% of asking prices. However, 63% of surveyors in that region did report that the gap between asking price and selling price was narrowing. Results in the North West have improved slightly, although the region is still looking weak, with vendors accepting offers at 84% of asking price; this stood at 82% last August.

    Consistent with the fact that the 'new buyer enquires' and 'price expectations' balance are strongest in London, vendors are now achieving sales at around 93% of asking price, with 55% of surveyors reporting that the gap had narrowed over the previous three months.

    As in August 2008, Scotland appears to be the least affected region with vendors achieving sales at 97% of asking price with 75% of surveyors reporting that the gap between asking and selling prices has narrowed in the last three months.

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