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    Default Property Analysis software

    Hi all. I’m keen to get feedback on the suitability of analysis software available. I haven’t managed to locate too much so the names of any gems that you may be using would be great. I thought it may be useful to get investors feedback on whether spending the dollars is an investment or a waste of money. I certainly believe the software should save me a lot of time but are they accurate (or as can be for the info that you input) and dependable. The main ones I’ve come across are the Richmastery and The Property Analyser.

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    We recommend and sell the NZ version of Jan Somer's Property Investment Analysis software. There is a free download and information at http://www.propertyinvestor.info/pia/?ext=1

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    Hi Roders

    I use the Richmastery software and find it easy and fast to use.
    Since buying and using it we have had chattels valuations done on some of our properties and the software is bang on.
    I guess at the end of the day you can do it all with pen and paper and the good old trusty calculator.

    Happy Investing


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    Hi Roders,

    RevIQ launched the most advanced NZ Property Analysis Software for investor earlier this month.

    This software replaces the Richmastery software and has more than 3 times the features of Jan Somers PIA.

    Details can be found on the reviq web site: www.reviq.com. You can also download a FREE 14 day Trial, well worth doing as its features are impressive.

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    If you are after income producing properties, write on a piece of paper the following:

    Rent x 52 weeks
    - (minus) Vacancy (say 2 weeks)
    - Rates
    - Insurance
    - Lawn (if required)
    - Water (if required)
    - Advertising
    - Maintenance
    - Property manager fee (if required)
    - Others (if required)
    - Mortgage Interest

    If you still get a positive figure, this is a cashflow positive deal that you should look further into. I like to treat depreciation as a bonus.

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    Hear Hear Fudosan

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    Thanks everyone, and Fudosan your bang on, and a nice simple way to get the raw info to assist in the decision. Looking at some of those available I can certainly see the benefits of time saving and the ability to calculate numerous variations. Its just justifying the costs of $200 - $1400 course I surpose its deductable eh.

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    I have DDR's REAP software and it works well enough. However, I have used the same formula Fudosan mentions along with a list of criteria (and a little intuition) for some time. The software seemed like a great idea at the time but I could honestly do without it.


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    HI Roders
    QED Reporting Services provide a property anlaysis service for $30.00
    You fill in a questionairre with the data and assumptions you have for a particular property and they provide a report showing the effect on your wealth, cashflows in/ out and when, and rate of return. There's also tables, charts and graphs and a handy report that shows the effect on your cashflow of around 100 combinations of pruchase price versus rent. This is very useful when trying to determine how much to pay for a given rent or how rental to charge for a given purchase price.


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    May I make an observation...

    If someone doesn't know how to figure out whether or not the numbers on a house are any good without using software, perhaps they shouldn't be buying an investment property anyway?


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