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    Default Buy a tractor; get a 20acre farm for free!

    A Southland couple have put it all on the line and offered their farm tractor - with the farm thrown in good measure - for a $1 reserve on TradeMe.

    Shelly Holland said selling the farm - a 20 acre block in the Catlins, between Balclutha and Invercargill - had been a last minute decision made before bedtime last night.

    "I'm absolutely worried about it actually, I'm trying to keep busy," she said, adding that the constant questions from potential buyers kept reminding her of the gamble.

    "This is why you shouldn't make decisions when you are tired," she said.

    She had barely slept during the night and said both her and her husband Allan, the brains behind the novel idea, had had a nerve-wracking wait.

    She had been inundated with calls from relatives all day, wondering about her sanity.

    Allan said he was not sure what prompted the idea: "It just sort of sprang into my head," he said. ''It was just one of moments - I hope we don't live to regret it."

    He said the property had been on the market for a while without much luck.

    At 12 o'clock this afternoon, bidding had reached $100,200. According to the Holland's, the GV of the property is $260,000. It is also listed in TradeMe's property section for $245,000.

    Mrs Holland assured bidders there were no outstanding debts on the property or impending motorways to be laid through it.

    "This is the South Island, we are very careful who we put in power down here."

    They had originally intended to keep the land to come back to after a spot of travelling but had the idea late last night: "I'm not actually sure how we went from keeping it to listing it for a dollar," said Allan.

    Mrs Holland said that while the original house had been destroyed following a fire six years ago, new foundations, wiring and groundwork had all been laid down to be built on. She said that the RV still included the house, but there had also been significant improvements done on the farm since then. The GV was done In September last year.

    TradeMe business manager Mike O'Donnell said they had contacted the Hollands to ensure they were committed to the sale. They were now legally obligated to sell it, regardless of what level the bidding reached, he said.

    They are also selling their home in Gore, though the reserve was a little more cautious, inviting enquiries over $420,000.

    As for the tractor, it's an International 574, complete with a bucket, forks and a back blade, according to the listing.



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    Auckland / Cappadocia, Turkey


    Current bid is $151,299.

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    I thought other people here had tried selling property like this (eg curtains for sale, house for free) but TradeMe had cancelled the auctions? Hmmmm....

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    Current Bid $232,832.00

    Found another guy doing it in Fairlie and one up in Nelson


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