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Thread: H.I.A Group Ltd

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    Default H.I.A Group Ltd

    Anyone used or heard about these guys selling investment properties?Whats the feedback like?

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    I have no affiliation with H.I.A.

    Yip, that's my client. It was sold to the client on the basis of tax returns and negitively geared for 20 years (that's the way I understand from their discussion with me). Interest only loan (not all that bad but 20 years?)

    The clients are a couple. No children just yet but you can guess what will happen should she become pregnant and give up her job.

    Understandably, the client is expecting $420/week.

    No takers at that price, none so far at $395 either.

    Will be chatting to them this week if today's advert doesn't bring a suitable applicant.

    Not a good market at the moment to begin as a raw Newbie.
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    Where do they make there commission?Is it just on the property management?

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    i have one property managed with them in CHCH. So far they have been OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyboy View Post
    Chances are the solicitor and accountant pay a referral fee too.

    Now I'm not saying this is all a bad thing, but personally I think you can do better without these additional costs.
    I think using a recommended solicitor and accountant IS a bad thing. Nothing like having someone with a few degrees of independance watching your back.

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    Yeah I am with you on that one Wayne, especially the solicitor. Its amazing how many people approach their solicitor only after signing the legal document they intend to get the assistance with.
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    Default dealings with HIA Group Ltd

    My parents brought a property from HIA and they have reccomended we go and see them they said they were really great and helped them with all their debt and budget so I assume they do more than just sell investments??????

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    Almost has all the hallmarks of
    a franchise-type operation, with
    the franchiser clipping every ticket
    that may be involved.

    If LouLou is right, that 'style' may
    suit some people. So be it. I guess
    there are more roads to passive
    income than just the ones we do
    know about, already.
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