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    Default Commercial/industrial discussion group

    A group of us have formed such a group. Currently there are five of us but we would like to build up to a maximum of 10. We have no interest in residential and people with such an interest would not be suitable. You need to be an experienced investor with a few investments in the $1.5m to $5m range per investment. You could possibly be largely currently cashed up as a few years back it was obvious to you what was going to happen. You consider yourself to be an investor and not a developer.

    If this is of interest email me.

    Below are the guidelines we developed from our first meeting.


    • For people with a passion for non-residential property investments in the $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 range
    • To discuss this market and properties but also macro, micro and international economics, finance, politics, investing philosophies, books and any other relevant topic
    • Will try to increase numbers to about ten people. Be great to have a lawyer and others with different professional backgrounds but being an investor with experience being the main criteria. Suggestions welcome.
    • If possible email suggested topics a few days before meeting so people have time to consider topic.
    • I will email reminder and suggested topics a few days before meeting.


    • Meet every 3rd Monday of the month. Next meeting 18th May
    • Meet in Auckland fringe area.
    • Meet at 6pm for those wanting to eat
    • General Discussion starts at 7pm
    • informal Discussion around 8pm

    General Discussion:

    • I will chair
    • One conservation/subject matter at a time
    • One person talking at a time
    • Everyone gets their turn to talk and comment
    • New topics can be suggested before and during general discussion

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    Nice Concept. Would you look at those wishing to make the move up. As the normal progression is for some who start in property investing.

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    Hi Property Returns - Great idea. I'm in the South Island and I'd appreciate the list of books that people recommend during the meetings. If that's at all possible. Two for your list are:

    1) Commercial Real Estate Investing by Dolf De Roos.
    2) And absolute gold in my opinion is: Peter Aranyi's Commercial Real Estate 'Investors Guide'.

    I appreciate you considering this.
    "Measure Twice - Cut Once"

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    very interested in having a look
    not sure if you think I have the experience but would have to be done via email as I am in sydney but can assist if need be and would be very interested in chatting
    my email is [email protected] and will send from there
    and yes before you ask their is only one grossrealisation as far as I know on the boards
    not been here for a while but comm is all I do and no am not a RE nor buyers agent


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