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    Question Assigning - How to Guide ???

    Okay my revolving credit is tied up and there is potentially another really good deal on the table.

    Rather than pass it up I am going to have a go at assigning it.

    Bit nervous as I feel like I am entering a whole new world.

    Seen Dean's massive action website and contract, and have seen one filled in as I am by coincidence buying a property right now through an assignment (not my ideal way but too good a deal not to do).

    Is their an assigment guide or thread on here, or link on where to go to find information.

    I am wanting specific details on procedure, timeframe, how to fill out forms.

    Have the Trading Trust to do it through.
    Sending off the S&P today.

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    Best thing to do is just do it. Get property under contract for 20 working days with no escape clause, find your buyer, then for $400 let your solicitor do the paperwork. Bill your buyer for a finders fee, and get them to pay immediately they decide they are going to go thru with purchase, no less than 5k. Good luck. Helen
    ps, once you have the right paperwork you can use that for the next one

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    Email me exactly what you want to know Blue. My newsletter archive would probably answer all your questions but I'm happy to answer specific questions


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