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    Default Hello PT Forums.


    My name's Alex, just wanted to say hello to all members of PT forum before I dive into it


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    Apr 2005
    Auckland / Cappadocia, Turkey


    HI Alex - and welcome to PT.

    Have a good browse around - you're going to find a massive wealth of info. Use the search function if there is anything in particular that you are looking for. And if you have any questions or have some experiences to share feel free to start posting!


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    Jul 2005


    Hello Alex. Welcome to PT. Tell us about yourself and your experiences. Ask away and enjoy some of the soap operas that are happening at the moment.

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    Aug 2003


    Hi Alex K,

    You'll learn a lot in the forums - the NZ forums are the most active as you have probably realised - we are getting some good information from the other regions too - ask questions, answer other's threads and generally have a great time.


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