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    Default Home Prices, Historical Data Chart - Glenn Beck explains the housing bubble

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    I don't how I feel about getting my investing advice from Glenn Beck

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    Typical for Fox news. pro republicans

    the interesting thing is the comment re the great depression which did not repeat for now over 70 years - in comparison to the recent boom which looks like the biggest in history. (according to his chart)

    make you think, would we see another boom like that anytime in the next 30 years???
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    during the nuclear crisis in japan

    fox news released a map of japan with japan's nuclear reactors on it

    only they missed a few

    including the biggest in the world


    instead including 1 in downtown tokyo

    that turned out to be a nightclub


    now that their sister murdoch "news" organisation

    news of the world is gone

    it seems they feel they need to fill the infotainment sector
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    Does anyone still watch Fox? I thought they have lost all credibility by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jette View Post
    Does anyone still watch Fox? I thought they have lost all credibility by now.
    you are correct no one pays attention to them.....

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    yeah i don't really believe everything from Fox... although I think a number of Americans rely on it


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