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    Default NZ ... Happy with the state of play?

    After being heavily involved in various facets of the UK markets for a few years and having since returned to NZ, I am in a good position to compare the way each country is handling itself.

    Lets not kid ourselves that NZ is going to sail throught this recession unscathed, it will be a recession, possibly a long one. But if any of you have been paying attention to what is happening in the UK... I am massively happy to now have my investments totally out of the UK. The country is on a serious road to a VERY hard recession. Brown would ahve to the most inept prime minister in generations. I find it quite sad as I do have a geniune fondness for the UK.

    This isnt a post about how great NZ is, we have, and will have troubles. But comared to the US and UK... we are in clover land, even taking into account export drops.

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    Thanks Baron for sharing your observations. Good to have people like yourself here to tell it like it is from both sides of the world, having been in both. I too believe NZ is well placed to ride this out..lots of good signs already we maybe on the improve. Media is even reporting some good news stories...wow..that's a nice change. Might even get to see some of them posted here soon. Some members enjoy posting all the negative stuff...lets have a balance...unlike the general media who need bad news stories to sell..we don't on here...so lets share the good news ah guys and girls...PLEASE.

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    Yes I am pretty happy at the moment with the relative state of NZ, we seem to be taking a more fiscally responsible approach to working through our economic issues than other countries. The USA for example is trying to lower taxes, increase spending and pump trillions of borrowed money into their broken banking system simultaneously - I haven't managed to find a framework for their long term plans but that seems financial suicide to me.

    We're actually really lucky our main export is centred around primary goods but I feel we do need to move away from this in the long term.


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