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    Default You wouldn't want to be a woman in Afghanistan!

    In the Herald today - a new afghan law says men can demand sex from their wives - human rights groups are calling it legalised rape.

    An article says of the new law "the wife is bound to preen for her husband as and when he desires"

    As long as the husband is not traveling he can demand sex every fourth night.

    An attempt to come across as been somewhat considerate of the wife the article also says there is a provision in the new law "to protect the wife's right to sex" where the husband must have sex with her every four months".

    What a joke!!

    Okay so the wife must have sex every fourth night (or roughly twice a week) BUT the husband only has to commit to sex one every 4 months.

    No wonder that country is in a huge mess.


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    What is the penalty if the woman refuses?

    Stoning, or beheading?

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    Are they allowed multiple wifes ?

    The numbers don't add up.

    She must put out every 4 mights but he only has to every 4 months.

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    My understanding is that in NZ a husband couldn't be convicted of rape against hiw wife right up until the 1970s. Amazing.



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