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    Oct 2003

    Default New Forums on ESC webpage

    Just wanted to let you all know that ESC now have Forums on their webpage.

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    Wow, really. * underwhelmed *

    Now I have to review housemouse, landlords, propertytalk & richmastery... And then there's the closed forums at the competing Auckland Property Investors Association and the Auckland Club which we all thought was Richmastery but obviously isn't now that Clint & Annette have owned up to being the driving force behind it. They'll be pissed off that Phil Jones has done this to them.

    The big problem is that there isn't enough activity to sustain all these forums. PropertyTalk is the only one which ever seems to have new posts.

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    Sep 2003
    High up above and deep down under


    Hi Cat

    [/quote The big problem is that there isn't enough activity to sustain all these forums. PropertyTalk is the only one which ever seems to have new posts.]

    Two forums seem to have only 2 or 3 new postings a week.

    While PT has plenty. I was away for 36 hrs and there were about 15 new postings.


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    I don't really hang out at the other forums for the perfect reason that apart from pt and landlord they are all owned by people trying to sell you something....it makes me uncomfortable to know that the forums are being watched over.

    Marc told me that pt will never charge members for anything - so i am very cool with that. He also said that was some really cool features coming soon.


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    yo lucylou

    good on you for giving Phil your life details to get into the forum.

    Heres my additional post on this subject - i did not add it here cos the amount of questions he asked pissed me off so much that i created a new post


    I am supprised he did not ask for my credit cards details as well or maybe that was the next page after the first one???

    Maybe lucylou can keep us uptodate on the goings on in the forum by posting updates here - where its FREE and marc doesn't want to know everything including your shoe size.

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    Oct 2003


    Hey, I was just letting you know, if you are interested then fine, if not - no skin off my nose.
    No need to be nasty.
    Whilst there is a great deal of interesting information on this forum, there is also a huge amount of time devoted to running others down, I'm only interested in the Property related topics. Anything else seems rather childish.


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