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    Default Auckland property manager

    Hi everybody
    I am looking for a new property manager for my properties in Mt Wellington and South Auckland. I've had them managed by John McDonald Realty (Graeme Middlemiss) for the last few years and enjoyed top service and trouble-free life. Unfortunately the business has been recently sold to Crockers.
    I have searched through the posts looking for some references and took a note of positive comments about Home Star (Karin) and Rental Solutions, the latest I believe has been sold as well(?)
    My preference would be a small independent company, with hands-on management approach - easy to say but hard to find! The fact I currently live in Australia makes it even harder.
    I would appreciate any comments.

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    Hi Anna,
    I am with Karin (Homestar) I find her service levels excellent, the fact that she is independant is why I am with her. You mentioned Rental Solutions (my old company) Karin was trained by me at Rental Solutions and has only improved on the time spent there. After Rental Solutions was sold I was with Raywhite Manukau and was very dissapointed with the service received there (and feed back from some of my old Landlords was not positive.) After all my time in the industry I could, if I wanted, manage my own properties but I think the separation between my tenants and me is a much better way to go. What ever you decide make sure you ask things like -
    How many properties the PM manages on ther own? More than 100 is a concern
    Other than you, who else are they answerable to? Are they working for you the client or Crockers, Ray white etc
    What extra charges are there? inspection fees , court fees, maintenance fees etc
    What is not covered in the fee? like insurance claims? If there is a claim/problem who has to make the time to meet the Insurance guy and is there a charge I have heard of people being charged for this!
    Does the PM have sound Tenancy Act Knowledge?
    The list goes on.............
    You will see other threads with alot of good points
    Good luck

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    Bling, thank you for your reply. I plan a trip to Auckland in a couple of months and will meet Karin in person.


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