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    Default Holiday properties

    Hi all,
    We've (well actually me) have been thinking of getting a property in Hamner Springs. Can any one help with this?
    1. are your properties always rented out each day, how oftened are they empty.
    2. how oftened are you able to use the property yourself. I'm thinking that you would have to book in as well.
    I think they are the major questions at the moment.
    Thanks Ange

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    Hi Anged,

    I can't specifically comment on Hanmer but we run a place in Martinborough.

    The biggest things to get right are firstly the property. Why would someone want to stay there as opposed to the competition. Then once you have a good product you need to find a way to advertise it to your target audience. This is really essential. Unless you plan to commute to do all of the management and cleaning function yourself you need a reliable and honest person to manage the property for you.

    We generally get mainly weekenders from Wellington with the odd week long booking. Try ringing the local Information Centre and they will probably be able to tell you what patterns to expect. Summer is far busier than winter but we still do all right over the colder months and you have the attraction of the hot pools year around.

    Have a look at this website. We get many of our bookings from here.

    This will give you an idea of what the potential competition have to offer and what they charge.

    You can use the Holiday Home as much as you choose to. To claim a 100% of expenses you need to have the home available a 100% of the year. We pay ourselves the going rate whenever we stay which fortunately/unfortunately isn't very often as we are full almost every weekend of the year. You might need to ask your accountant but I think another method is to not have the house available when you stay and only claim a smaller percentage of the expenses against the income derived.

    Hope this helps.

    If your cheeky like me, ring up a couple of places and quiz them about their occpancy rates and patterns. They can only tell you to go away.


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    Thanks Hawkeye,
    I didnt ask myself why they would be selling. Now we have some new toughts for our money.


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