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    Default Help for New and Reluctant Landlords

    The Auckland Property Investors’ Assn is putting on a free seminar to help new and the growing number of reluctant landlords make the best of their situation.

    The aim is to help as many people as possible who may be feeling overwhelmed or don’t know what options are available to them. We appreciate the help of Anrai P-Lab Detections and Quinovic Property Management for making this event possible.

    The seminar is to be held in the Rutherford room of Alexandra Park, 7pm to 10pm on Monday the 30th of March.
    It is three hours long and will have practical information on topics such as how to add value to the property, how to maximise their rental income, what their rights and obligations are, tax deductions they are entitled to, ensuring their mortgage interest is tax deductible and risk minimisation.

    Speakers are:
    Mathew Gilligan; Chartered Accountant, speaker, and expert on Asset Planning and Taxation.
    Andrew King; Vice President of the NZPIF, Market Commentator and best selling Author of two property books
    Rex de Bettencor; Famed Property Management Specialist, Expert Speaker and experienced absentee landlord.
    Sue Tierney; TV3 Financial Guru, Mortgage Broker of the Year Winner, Property Speaker and Columnist
    Tony Steindle; Expert Property Lawyer, Speaker, Columnist and Author of Property Law-a NZ Investor’ Guide

    All speakers are volunteering their time.

    While this public service event may not be applicable to all Property Talkers’, you may have friends or relatives that would benefit from hearing good practical information on renting out a property and how to operate their rental in an efficient and business like way. If this is the case, please let them know about this event.
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