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    Default 90% of Brits resent council tax

    Nearly 90 per cent of Britons are unhappy with the services they receive in exchange for the council tax, a new survey revealed today.

    The poll of 4,800 home - owners and private tenants throws a damning light on local government, with a third of people describing their local council as 'out of touch'.

    Eighty-six per cent of people oppose a revaluation of council tax bands.

    Only seven per cent of respondents to the survey, by propertyfinder.com, expressed satisfaction with their local council and said they did not mind paying the tax.

    "The average council tax has risen 74 per cent over the past ten years, while inflation has risen just under 20 per cent, but for many, services haven’t improved," said Charles Wasdell, head of research at propertyfinder.com.

    "Despite massive rises in council tax, people overwhelmingly feel they get poorer value for money from their local council."

    When asked to describe their local council, most people chose 'out of touch', but this option was closely followed by 'slow', 'wasteful', 'autocratic' and 'careless'.

    Council tax for 2009 – 2010 is expected to rise by an average of around three per cent.



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    A change in regulations is needed!

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    this is what happens

    when you grow the entitlement culture

    the seven deadly sins

    are to be avoided

    not promoted

    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    As a LL I like the user pays model in the UK - just think if it was in NZ - tenants pay your rates! I reckon there is more accountability and the onus is on the Local Government to ensure the services are provided etc.


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    Same as here then Marc. They take shitloads of money and manage to do bugger all with it.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    2009.... someone is just trying to boost their posts so they can link to something

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    I would imagine people the world over dont like paying Tax.... although I think the thing that annoys me about council tax is watching the local council wasting money!


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