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    Default US consumer confidence hits record low

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    I found some links that may help.....






    ...the last link is about Obama's drop in the ratings - lack of confidence in him to increase jobs etc.
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    All the more reason to be buying houses while we are giving them away :-)

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    With the laughing stock your politicians have become, which will only increase exponentially in the lead up to Nov 12; then there is a lot more hurt to come yet.

    Soon if you buy a set of Ginsu Steak knives and use your credit card; they will throw in a matching set of high yield rental properties for free.

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    And a six pack of clunkers!
    We still need houses to live in Speights Boy. We increase our population by one person every 12 seconds I read somewhere recently

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    Yep, and every 15 seconds someone joins the back of the ever expanding queue at the jobs fair.

    Plenty of empty empty houses out there, not enough jobs.

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    Actually no one joined the queue in August. And empty homes is all about the location.

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    22,000 private sector jobs lost; 22,000 Government jobs created
    Net zero.
    You think that is a sustainable way to grow the economy?

    Net jobs zero does not mean no increase in unemployment
    How many fell off at the 99 week cut-off, and how many gave up looking?

    Correct , it is all about location.
    That's what the U in USA stands for; you can't just say it's the next door state's problem.

    Downtown Tubbleweed.....moving to a county near you.

    Except if you are an illegal in Southern Arizona or Texas. Plenty of Federal support for you there.

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    As a local you'd find some good stock no question about it - and Dissindat is doing that (from reading his/her posts). As an offshore investor it's a much tougher task - where many fools rush in without doing the research, giving $$ to property promoters with silver tongues hence the reason these forums exist - to give air to all sides of the equation.


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    I know this is old but it is amazing how so many issues have come since then. I can't say Obama did much improvement. I see more people struggling than anything and I am glad he will be done next year.


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