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    Default Trees on neighbouring properties

    Geez, this is a big problem here in NZ. Here's the start of a news article from NZ Herald.....

    Q. We have three or four huge trees growing outside our commercial property and we are not sure whether we need the council's permission to cut or trim them. These trees grow on council land immediately adjacent to our property. If we get permission to prune the trees who is responsible for bearing the costs of trimming or cutting?

    The link to this article is:


    We had a problem with 4 dead gum trees on a boundary. Being dead the writing was on the wall - they were going to fall down and when they did they'd land in the middle of our rental property - possibly injuring if not killing our tenants!

    Presenting this problem to the owner of the trees - resulting in getting a shug of the shoulders and a "don't care, you're not cutting my trees down" response.

    We approached the Council - and of course their response was - "not our problem" which we found truly amazing - especially as lives were possibly at risk. In Australia the councils seem to have more authority and take action. Anyway we couldn't let it be - given the obvious danger so we sent a lawyers letter and informed them that a qualified Tree Cutter will be contacting them to arrange a time to cut the trees down at our expense. Well, suddenly they were uncontactable so the Tree Cutter took that as a 'no problem mate' and lopped the trees down + removed them for a tidy fee of $1400.00



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    Hi Donna

    I have a property that i purchased with a council walkway running down one side. They pay me a small annual sum to keep it how it is. It's full of trees and some are what I term as dangerous. I thought it was okay becoz they take care of the maintenance. But youve got me thinking..... I have no idea of my liability if one should fall and cause damage to anyone on the walkway or to the neighboring property ...hmmmmm.
    Are they gonna just shrug their shoulders at me? Time to get something drawn up.
    Thanks for that post.




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