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    Default In Hamilton - looking for lawyer / accountant

    Hi there.

    I'm based in Hamilton and am a rookie in property investment... Starting with the basics, was wondering if anyone can recommend a good Hamilton-based lawyer or accountant.

    Would I realistically find a practice that offers expertise in both areas, thereby helping integrate communication between the two? I'm thinking of a dual service similar to that offered by Gilligan Rowe & Associates in Auckland.

    Thanks in advance - Pete

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    Hi Pete,
    Why not continue to use Gilligan and Rowe if they offer the services and relationship you require. Both my accountant and solicitor are out of town, but it rarely causes a drama.
    Regards Matt

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    Hi Matt
    Thanks for the advice. As a rookie I'm thinking face to face contact and physical proximity to local bank, or accountant/lawyer for signing docs etc could be a plus.

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    Hi Pete.

    The person I use in Hamilton for conveyancing is Gill Whinray at Norris Ward McKinnon. She is not a lawyer, but heads their property law team. She is very good, very sharp.

    My accountant is in Auckland, so I can't help you there.


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    Hi Pete.

    I use Kevin Garty of Garty Honiss for accountancy.
    07 8391210


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    Hi Pete,
    I use Young and associates for a lawyer, Kathryn Walker is my solicitor but there are several others there too, and Mackrell Murcott for an accountant, Steve McMurray, there are heaps in town, some of the companies which may offer both services I know of are way too expensive by my opinion anyway.
    Good Luck.

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    Thanks everyone here for providing pointers - most appreciated for someone like me just starting out.


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    Hi Pete, I also use young and Associates for my contracts. I use Allan Spice of Finn and Partners in Te Awamutu (he goes to Hamilton too I believe) he is an investor and is sharpe with his knowledge - His pricing is good too!


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    Default How do you find a good accountant?

    For years and years, I thought accounting for property transactions was pretty simple, and that any old accountant should be able to handle it. BUT they can't. It's amazing how little lots of accountants know about property and its taxation affects.

    I would recommend investors only use a property specailist for accounting. The easy way to find if an accountant is a property specialist is to ring the office, talk to the receptionist and ask "what does your firm specialise in?". If property or structures doesn't get mentioned, then no matter what the firms advertising or documents say, they probably don't really specialise in property, but are keen to gain some extra $$$$.

    Another good question to ask an accountant is "What is your personal property strategy and how many properties do you want to own?"

    Here is a few examples of wrong answers by general accounting firms about long term investment properties (not trading)

    1) Valuation is fully deductible
    2) You can use a guessestimate to split land, buildings and chattels
    3) Chattels depreciation or valuation, means just have the 3 categoires ,land , building and chattels (all lumped together at 10%)
    4) A profitable business owner using an LAQC for investment properties
    5) Group together all rental income and expenses, so that you don't have a clue what each property has done. A property accountant should seperate each property out and show each properties profit and loss on a seperate page.

    And then if you are trading its more important, as even lots of so called property specialists have no clue about trading structures. The rules are meant to be changing a lot from 1/4/09 but in the past if any accountant suggested using a company for trading, then they didn't know what they were talking about.

    Ask any accountant lots of questions about property in general, and see how well they know the whole subject. They should have a good opinion on property matters, like should you break your mortgage, should you pay off personal debt or rental properties (normally personal first), can you subdivide and sell a section without paying tax on the profit?

    Generally for structures Matt Gilligan from Gilligan Rowe + Associates (GRA).

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    Rosco, Four of the five issues you have identified are not accounting issues. They are clearly legal issues re taxation. Yet people continue to take legal advice from beancounters - at almost the same cost.

    That makes about as much sense as getting your surveyor to apply for a resource consent.


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