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    Default Rural Interest rates??

    Most of the current news etc is about household mortgages rates.

    The websites that forumites frequently deal with only list home/PI residential rates.

    Is there a similar website(s) that list the rural rates??

    ASB rates are :

    Business lending base 11.95% p.a.
    Rural lending base 9.00% p.a.

    This is shocking!!!!

    How does the Government expect the economy to get stimulated when the producing parts of the economy (business & farmers) are paying rates like this and Fonterra have just cut the $/kg rate.

    Yes, I know farmers are in business to make money, like everyone else, but they don't need to be hobbled with high interest rates like this.

    Come on Bank's drop your rates for the Farmers!!!!

    Disclaimer - I don't own a farm, or have shares in a farm but I did drive past one yesterday.
    Patience is a virtue.


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